Shields wins Inaugural Karibee Rice Golf tourney

From left to right; LGC President Aleem Hussain; Jai Keshwani; Joaan Deo; Hilbert Shields; Dawn Oudit; Richard Haniff; Nazeem Haniff.

Former president of the Lusignan Golf Club (LGC) Hilbert Shields marked his name in the history books by securing the inaugural title of the Karibee Rice-sponsored golf tournament Saturday at the LGC.

The winners of the day’s tournament were:- Nazeem Haniff who won the Best Gross (78) edging out Richard Haniff with the same Gross score; fourth place Best Net – Nazeem Haniff (70/8); third Dr. Joaan Deo (69/17); second placed Richard Haniff (68/10) and first place, Shields (66/18).

Other good performances came from Parmanand Persaud with a score of 71/13; Vijay Deo 72/9; Clifford Reis 72/25; and Lekhnarine Shivraj 73/18.

On hand representing Nand Persaud & Company, of No. 36/37 Village, Corentyne, the producers of Karibee Rice was Jai Prakash Keshwani, who extended the support declared by Devesh Persaud during the week stating that the company is “proud to be associated with the LGC and hopes to be a major part of its development in the coming years.”

Also on hand were Honorary Counsel of Malaysia to Guyana, Vic Oudit and his wife Dawn who assisted in the distribution of the prizes to the winners.

“I am delighted at and fully in support of the development of the Club house, the course, the lawns and the ambience of the Lusignan Golf Club, having known it for several years now. In fact, I am determined to bring my friends and expose them to the great atmosphere here, and to promote the Club and golfing in Guyana. Already one of my friends was also so impressed today that he immediately enrolled his wife and children as members of the Club,” Oudit declared.

Shields, following his victory said: “Firstly, I was very relaxed and played so well today because of the great company. I played with Clifford Reis and Mark Lashley. Secondly, being also from the Corentyne, I was determined to make a special effort to celebrate this great gesture of our sponsor Nand Persaud & Company all the way from the Corentyne”

Caption: from left to right:- LGC President Aleem Hussain; Jai Keshwani; Joaan Deo; Hilbert Shields; Dawn Oudit; Richard Haniff and Nazeem Haniff.

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