– Nationals set for July 27 kickoff

Guinness Greatest of the Streets

Flashback-Scene from the River View and BLB Squad quarterfinal matchup, in the Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ Bartica Championship

With less than seven days before the kickoff of the Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ National Championship, all systems are in place for a spectacular tournament, which is expected to exceeded the successes of previous editions.

This information was disclosed by Guinness Brand Manager Lee Baptiste who noted that the aim is to build on the achievements of the championship by bringing innovation to the impending edition.

He revealed that improving the viewing experience and security for the fans is the major objective, while adding, “last year saw the introduction of colourful uniforms and balls in keeping with the new trend seen internationally. Apart from a duplication of that effort, the plan is to make seating accommodation available for fans so that more persons could share the wonderful experience of witnessing the games.”

The tournament kicks-off on July 27th at Pouderoyen Tarmac, West Demerara, before moving to the Haslington Tarmac, East Coast Demerara on August 1st. The grand finale will be staged on August 4th at the National Stadium, Providence.

Meanwhile, preparation for the annual championship has intensified, with several teams training arduously in their attempt to clinch the coveted championship.

With the Bartica Zone just concluded, their representative, Disconnection Crew, now has the opportunity to showcase its talent against the more established areas such as Georgetown, East Coast, Linden and West Demerara.

The early whispers are that the newcomers, who enjoy the services of a few Brazilians in their lineup, are ready to rumble.

Linden’s Dave & Celena All Stars, who became the first team outside of Georgetown to win the Guinness Nationals will no doubt be aiming to prove that last year’s performance was no fluke, while the teams from Georgetown will be aiming to reclaim the coveted mantle.

Then there are the dark horses from the other communities who are yet to stamp their authority in the big tournament, but just as the reigning champions showed, the gap is closing among all the teams.

This year could prove to be a blockbuster extravaganza and one that fans will truly enjoy. At this point it is anyone’s guess what will be the outcome of this tournament with all the teams rearing to compete.

The following is the official list of participants: Georgetown – Gold is Money-Champion, Sparta Boss, Leopold Street, Bent Street; East Coast Demerara – Uprising-Champion, Paradise, Melanie-B,Buxton Diamond; West Demerara – Showstoppers-Champion,ESPN, West Side Ballers; Linden – Silver Bullets-Champion, Dave and Celina’s All-Stars-National Champion, Swag Entertainment; Berbice – Trafalgar-Champion; Bartica – Disconnection Crew-Champion.

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