West Demerara Guinness fixtures released

With less than four days remaining before the start of the Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ National Championship, the official fixtures for the West Demerara leg has been released.

The 16 team tournament commences on Friday 27th at the Pouderoyen Tarmac with eight slated matches. Each team will play two games, with the top team from each group advancing to the semi-final round.

A victory during regulation time will translate to three points, while a win on penalty kicks equates to two points. If teams are tied on points, goal differential will be utilized as the first tie breaker.

 If that is equal, the head to head record between the teams will be used once the teams would have played each other. If not, goals scored will be utilized followed by goals against.    In the opening match, West Side Ballers will oppose Linden winner Silver Bullets at 19:00hrs, while ESPN tackles Disconnection from 19:30hrs in the group-A round of matches.

 In the group-B fixtures, Leopold Street engages national champion Dave and Celina’s All-Stars from 20:00hrs, while West Demerara champ Showstoppers oppose Swag Entertainment at 20:30hrs.

 The second round of matches will pit ESPN against West Side Ballers from 21:30hrs, while Silver Bullets battle Disconnection Crew at 22:00hrs.

In the final two matches, Swag Entertainment tackle Dave & Celina’s All-Stars at 22:30hrs, while Leopold Street lock horns with Showstoppers from 23:00hrs.

The tournament will then move to the Haslington Tarmac, East Coast Demerara on August 1st. Group-C comprises East Coast Demerara titlist Uprising, Georgetown winner Gold is Money, Bent Street and Melanie-B.

On the other hand, group-D features Berbice champion Trafalgar, Sparta Boss, Buxton Diamond and Paradise.

Complete Fixtures – Pouderoyen – Friday 27th   

West Side Ballers vs Silver Bulletsr-19:00hrs

ESPN vs Disconnection Crew-19:30hrs

Leopold Street vs Dave & Celina’s All-Stars-20:00hrs

Showstoppers vs Swag Entertainment-20:30hrs

ESPN vs West Side Ballers-21:30hrs

Silver Bullets vs Disconnection Crew-22:00hrs

Swag Entertainment vs Dave & Celina’s-22:30hrs

Showstoppers vs Leopold Street-23:00hrs

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