Defending champs through to semi-finals

Scenes from the ESPN (yellow) and Disconnection Crew clash at the Pouderoyen Tarmac on the opening night of the Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ National Championship

Defending national champions Dave & Celina’s All-Stars and fellow Linden unit Silver Bullets sealed their berths to the semi-final round when the Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ National Championship commenced on Friday at the Pouderoyen Tarmac.

The titlist, earned their place in the final four section following victories over Leopold Street and Swag Entertainment respectively, sending a stern warning to the remaining challengers.

Dave & Celina’s defeated Leopold Street 1-0 on penalty kicks after regulation time ended scoreless in their opening match.

In their second fixture, the champions edged fellow Linden unit Swag Entertainment 1-0. Tyric McAllister netted in the 10th minute.

On the other hand, Linden champion Silver Bullets defeated the duo of West Side Ballers and Bartica champion Disconnection Crew.

Silver Bullets edged West Side Ballers 3-2 on sudden death penalty kicks after normal time ended 1-1. Damion Williams scored for Silver Bullets in the eighth minute while Nickel Chetram equalised one minute later.

In their second match, Silver Bullets needled Disconnection Crew 1-0 compliments of a Jermaine Samuels strike in the ninth minute.

The teams that were eliminated are West Demerara champ Showstoppers, Leopold Street, ESPN, West Side Ballers, Disconnection Crew and Swag Entertainment.

The tournament will continue on Wednesday [Emancipation Day] at the Haslington Market Tarmac, with eight teams battling for the remaining two semi-final berths. Below features the complete fixtures and group assignments.

East Coast Demerara-Haslington Tarmac-August 1st



Gold is Money-Champion


Bent Street



Sparta Boss

Buxton Diamond



Round 1

(D1)-Buxton Diamond vs Paradise-19:00hrs

(C1)-Melanie-B vs Bent Street-19:30hrs

(D2)-Sparta Boss vs Trafalgar-20:00hrs

(C2)-Gold is Money vs Uprising-20:30hrs

Round 2

Winner of D1 vs Loser of D2-21:15hrs

Winner of C1 vs Loser of C2-21:45hrs

Winner of C2 vs Loser of C1-22:15hrs

Winner of D2 vs Loser of D1-22:45hrs

Complete Results

Guinness Goal-(GG)-2 goals

Win in Normal Time-3pts

Win on Penalty Kicks-2pts

1st Round


West Side Ballers-1 vs Silver Bullets-1

Silver Bullets won 3-2 on sudden death penalty kicks

Silver Bullets Scorer

Damion Williams-8th

West Side Scorer

Nickel Chetram-9th


ESPN-1 vs Disconnection Crew-3

Disconnection Scorers

Elsio Oliveira-2nd and 5th

Ryan Andries-3rd

ESPN Scorer

Tefon Daly-12th


Leopold Street-0 vs Dave & Celina’s All-Stars-0

Dave and Celena won 1-0 on penalty kicks


Showstoppers-1 vs Swag Entertainment-2

Swag Scorer

Colwyn Drakes-5th and 10th

Showstoppers Scorer

Marvin Josiah-8th

2nd Round


ESPN-4 vs West Side Ballers-2

ESPN Scorers

Jolyan Harry-(GG)-19th

Tefon Daly-2nd

Kevon Lythcott-13th

West Side Scorer

Kwesi Alleyne-(GG)-20th


Silver Bullets-1 vs Disconnection Crew-0

Jermaine Samuels-6th


Swag Entertainment-0 vs Dave & Celina-1

Tyric McAllister-10th


Showstoppers-1 vs Leopold Street-2

Leopold Scorer

Okeene Fraser-(GG)-18th

Showstoppers Scorer

Stephon Jupiter-1st


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