Tanvir’s personal goal is winning CPL for GAW

-says every team balanced

Assistant Coach Rayon Griffith (left) with Jason Mohammed (Romario Samaroo photo)

Pakistan and Guyana Amazon Warriors’ left arm quick Sohail Tanvir says it is his personal goal to win the HERO Caribbean Premier League (CPL) for the franchise.

After a light training session with the team, Tanvir, who is with the team for the third season, sat down with the media yesterday and shared his experiences and expectations.

“Well, honestly, I have achieved a lot from last year and seasons before but honestly my goal is to win the trophy for Guyana. Unluckily I’ve played two seasons, one where we lost the finals and one where we lost the semifinal one year so as far as my performance I guess needs to be up to the mark it only matters when you lift the trophy so my goal is to lift the trophy,” Tanvir said.

fast bowler Romario Shepherd steams in during practice (Romario Samaroo photo)

The 36-year-old, who holds the best bowling figures (5-3), noted that cricket has evolved a lot and the teams are gelling quickly because everyone plays each other.  

He pointed out that the coaching unit is new but is hopeful they will deliver as has previously in other leagues. “Well, a lot of us have been involved with Guyana before, yes as a coaching is new but in modern day cricket as you go and play in leagues across the world and gel together quickly same goes for the coaching staff as well. I worked with Johan [Botha] in the PSL [Pakistan Super League] he was as the assistant coach and he was tremendous and I’m hoping the same,” Tanvir said.

He noted that the new skipper, Shoaib Malik “is a very experienced guy. He has been playing in the international arena for the last 20 years. He has been captaining the side whether international cricket or domestic cricket. I’ve played under him when I started my international career and he was a good captain and he has that cricket knowledge that is needed. Yes, he is new for Guyana, but as you said he has been involved with CPL since CPL started so everybody knows him, even our local players know him so I don’t think it should be a problem with him.”

Speaking on the franchise, Tanvir acknowledged, “we have been playing good cricket throughout the CPL since it started but we have just not been able to cross the line but we are hopeful Insha’ Allah.”

The unorthodox bowler indicated that there are no crowds like Guyana and wants to

Sohail Tanvir relaxing after training with the Guyana Amazon Warriors (Romario Samaroo photo)

lift the trophy for them.

“Guyana I always say that in the entire Caribbean there is no venue that is always full with the crowd like Guyana and Trinidad and nothing like it and the goal is to lift it and if we lift it in front of the home crowd there is nothing like it so we are really looking forward for the home support from the crowd and try our best not to disappoint them.” He is confident that Guyana can do it this year with some of the exciting new talent and experienced campaigners in the side who he urged to take the opportunity.

“I’ve seen a few youngsters, Hetmyer was involved last year I guess and a few youngsters I’ve seen playing in Global T20 Canada and I was very inspired and I was asking Johan who is in our team from those and I really hope they will come up and grab the opportunity and do well for Guyana.”

Looking at the other five teams vying for the title, Tanvir said “every team is balanced and if you look at league cricket every team has that opportunity to build a balance team and everyone does that. It all matters when the day comes and the teams’ play, the team that gels well will have success.”

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