Trophy Stall makes significant contribution towards Sunday’s horse race meet

Devi Sunich, of the Trophy Stall displays some of the trophies up for grabs at Sunday’s horse race meet.

Trophy Stall Bourda Market through its Managing Director, Ramesh Sunich, has made good on a promise to support Sunday’s Nand Persaud Sprint Classic horse race meet.

The Trophy Stall, of Bourda Market, which is one of the leading trophy and engravement entities in Guyana continues to make good on its many promises.

The entity, with businesses now in Bourda Market, City Mall and South Road, through Its Managing Director Ramesh Sunich has made a significant contribution to the Nand Persaud Karibee Rice Mega Sprint Classic Horse Race meet this Sunday.

The event, which is organised by the Company’s Sky Plus Promotion Group, is set for the No.36 Village, Macedonia Estate, Corentyne, Berbice Racing Facility. ….