Winners row for Ol Skool Ballers, Tiger Bay, Alexander Village, Broad St

Guinness Cage Street-ball Championship

Defending champion Ol Skool Ballers upset Sparta Boss, while Tiger Bay, Back Circle, Alexander Village and Broad Street secured wins over East Coast Demerara teams, when the Second Guinness Cage Street-ball Championship commenced on Wednesday.

Despite the mammoth crowd support at the Haslington Tarmac, it was a night to forget for the East Coast Demerara teams, as the invading Georgetown sides secured vital opening night wins.

In one of the rare all Georgetown match-ups, Ol Skool Ballers edged Sparta Boss 1-0. Sheldon Profitt scored in the 11th minute.

Okeene Fraser (centre) of Leopold Street, trying to maintain possession of the ball, as an Avocado Baller attempts a challenge during their matchup in the Guinness Cage Street-ball Championship on Wednesday night

However, it was the Georgetown versus East Coast Demerara engagements that captivated the crowd who cheered staunchly for their respective villagers.

 Much to the disappointment of the viewers who made their opinions known, it was a night of victories for the Georgetown teams.

Tiger Bay was dominant on the night, mauling Victoria Church Yard 6-0. The prolific Deon Alfred recorded a helmet trick in the second, fourth, ninth and 10th minute. He was supported by goals from Keoma Gravesande and Leon Fredericks in the sixth and seventh minute.

Similarly, Back Circle crushed Plaisance 4-0. Jermaine Beckles tallied a double in the third and 14th minute, while Selwyn Williams and Dellon Kelly scored in the 12th and 13th minute, respectively.

Meanwhile, Alexander Village overcame a 2-0 deficit to defeat host Haslington Hypers 6-2. Shaka Jones fashioned a double in the fifth and 10th minute, while Shem Porter added a brace in the ninth and 12th minute and Leon Yaw scored twice in the seventh and 13th minute.

For the loser, Rodwell Sandy and Steffon Bailey scored in the second and third minute respectively.

In a ding dong encounter Broad Street battled past Paradise 3-2. Jamal Cozier bagged a double in the sixth and 12th minute, while Jimmy Gravesande scored in the 13th minute. For the loser, Tyreek Cummings and Emmanuel Sandy scored in the 10th and 11th minute, respectively.

The tournament will continue on Wednesday 15th at the same venue with the second round of group matches.

The complete results for the opening night are as follows:

Complete Results

Win in Normal Time-3 points

Win on Penalty Kicks-2 points


Hustler-2 vs vs Blazers-1

Hustlers Scorers

Sunil Sancho-10th

Anthony Sancho-13th

Blazers Scorer

Desmond Cottam-12th


Melanie-B-1 vs Belfield Warriors-1

Belfield won 1-0 on penalty kicks

Belfield Scorer

Guy Thom-5th

Melanie-B Scorer

Ryan Seales-4th


Leopold Street-1 vs Avocado Ballers-1

Leopold won 2-1 on penalty kicks

Leopold Scorer

Omallo Williams-4th

Avocado Scorer

Mario Heywood-12th


Broad Street-3 vs Paradise-2

Broad Scorers

Jamal Cozier 6th and 12th

Jimmy Gravesande-13th

Paradise Scorers

Tyreek Cummings-10th

Emmanuel Sandy-11th


Victoria Eagles-2 vs Melanie-A-0

Ken Gulliver-5th

Keron Assanah-12th


Albouystown-1 vs North East

La Penitence-0

Tevin Curry-12th


Ol Skool Ballers-1 vs Sparta Boss-0

Sheldon Profitt-11th


Tigerbay-6 vs Victoria Church Yard-0

Deon Alfred-2nd, 4th, 9th and 10th

Keoma Gravesande-6th

Leon Fredericks-7th


BV-B-1 vs Buxton Diamond-0

Wayne James-8th


Back Circle-4 vs Plaisance-A-0

Jermaine Beckles-3rd and 14th

Selywn Williams-12th

Dellon Kelly-13th


Uprising-0 vs Vryheid’s Lust-1

J. Gibbs-5th


Alexander Village-6 vs

Haslington Hypers-2

Alexander Scorers

Shaka Jones-5th and 10th

Shem Porter-9th and 12th

Leon Yaw-7th and 13th

Haslington Scorers

Rodwell Sandy-2nd

Steffon Bailey-3rd

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