Golden Jaguars lose to Madureira 0-3

The Golden Jaguars suffered their first loss on their Brazilian Tour going down to Serie-D side [fourth tier] Madureira 3-0 on Saturday at the Madureira Sport Club ground.

According to a release from the Guyana Football Federation [GFF] Head Coach Michael Johnson said, “To say that it was a tremendous performance, I would be lying but there are so many things that gave us opportunities to work on and that’s the way we look at it. It’s what can we do now to help some of these younger players. There may be four or five that we can actually pull into our squad so we’ll go again tomorrow and work with them and really try to help them in their pattern of play, style of play, their decision making; but it has been a worthy exercise so far.”

Johnson added, “We guarantee that when they leave here they’ll be a lot better conditioned, in a lot better shape and have a stronger mentality based on what we are giving them.

“So, it’s been a real taxing couple of days and that’s what these camps are for; you want to come out of these camps, fitter, stronger and with a little bit more knowledge. We’re not looking at the results as of yet because we know if it is about results we wouldn’t have trained the players the way we did in the last few days.”

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