IBGL sponsorship for Guinness Cage Street-Ball Championship

Three Peat Promotions representative, Rawle Welch, receiving the sponsorship cheque from IBGL staffer Melissa Cupidore yesterday at the IBGL Head Office in Carmichael Street.  

Insurance Brokers Guyana Limited (IBGL), joined the list of sponsors to support the Guinness Cage Street-Ball Championship, following a simple presentation yesterday at the entity’s Carmichael Street Office.

Staffer Melissa Cupidore made the presentation on behalf of Company Director Ewart Adams to Three Peat Promotions representative, Rawle Welch, coordinator of the championship.

Adams, during brief remarks, declared that he is proud to be associated with the initiative, which aids in fostering social cohesion amongst the communities, while providing an avenue for individuals to display their respective talents.

Meanwhile, Welch thanked the company for their significant contribution, adding that the gesture indicates the company’s continued commitment to community development, while acknowledging their social responsibility.

The 24 team tournament is currently at the Round of Sixteen stage and will resume on Saturday at the Haslington Tarmac.

Round of 16 Matches

(1)- Hustlers vs N/E La Penitence- 19:00hrs

(2)- Broad Street vs Alexander Village- 19:20hrs

(3)- Tiger Bay vs Avocado Ballers-19:40hrs

(4)- Leopold Street vs Albouystown- 20:00hrs

(5)- Sparta Boss vs Back Circle-   20:20hrs

(6)- Ol Skool Ballers vs BV-B-20:40hrs

(7)- Blazers vs Vryheid’s Lust-21:00hrs

(8)- Uprising vs Plaisance-21:20hrs

Quarterfinal Matches

(9)-Winner of 1 vs Winner of 2- 22:00hrs

(10)-Winner of 3 vs Winner of 5- 22:20hrs

(11)-Winner of 4 vs Winner of 6-   22:40hrs

(12)-Winner of 7 vs Winner of 8-23:00hrs

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