NSC donates equipment to Guyana Karate Federation

In an effort to further the development of the discipline, the National Sports Commission [NSC] officially presented the Guyana Karate Federation [GKF] with a large quantity of equipment. 

This significant donation occurred yesterday at the NSC’s Homestretch Avenue head-quarters. 

Receiving the equipment from Director of Sport, Christopher Jones, were GKF President Amir Khouri and Vice-Presidents Roger Peroune and Keith Beaton.

Among the equipment received were shin and foot protectors, groin protectors, male and female chest protectors and gloves.

 Jones during brief remarks, said: “We hope the equipment would be used to further those athletes in their pursuit, and of course, it is not a one-off donation or contribution to them, but rather it is a start. Whatever additional assistance that is needed, equipment or otherwise, the National Sports Commission is willing to lend support to them, but of course as we mentioned from the onset those requests have to be made to the Sports Commission in a timely manner so we can be able to honour their request.”

The NSC has always requested that associations/federations in need of assistance, financial or otherwise, make written requests in a timely and professional manner.

Khouri, in response, expressed his gratitude for the equipment.

“We’re very grateful. We will use this towards the benefit and development of the sport of karate. 

“So this will go a long way, especially when we’re sending teams abroad, they will need WKF approved equipment to compete and this will help them if they cannot afford.”

Vice-President Peroune indicated that the donation will positively impact the development of the sport, adding, “A lot of our competitors here can’t afford these gear, and when we send them abroad and they end up buying the gear out of necessity, because you can’t compete without them, it’s a very different feeling. So this is the step in getting them accustomed to what competition is like abroad and what that feeling is like using these gear.” 

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