Mangal, Prashad and Solomon Trophy Stall tourney winners

(l-r) Kevin Dinanauth, ‘Mahesh’ Shivraj, Mike Mangal, Rabi Sukul, Bridgelall Harry, Patrick Prashad, Richard Haniff, LGC President Aleem Hussain, Robert Hanoman, Dr Joaan Deo and Maurice Solomon.

Mike Mangal, Patrick Prasad and Maurice Solomon emerged champions of their respective flights when the country’s top golfers took to the green in the annual Trophy Stall tournament at the Lusignan Golf Club (LCG) on Saturday.

With good weather and lush greens Mangal was in full swing, copping the coveted ‘A’ flight (0-9 handicap) with a 72/80 score while Kevin Dinanauth, a second generation golfer impressed to seal the runner up spot with a score of 78/81.

Nazeem ‘Papo’ Hanniff and Richard Haniff both ended the day’s play 81/88 and 82/91 respectively…..

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