Uphill task for Golden Grove’s Uprising

Sections of the massive crowd that witnessed the round of 16 and quarter-final action in the Guinness Cage Streetball Championship at the Haslington Tarmac.

Following four nights of thrilling action, Uprising, the lone hope of the East Coast Demerara district, face an uphill task in their pursuit of the Guinness Cage Streetball Championship on Friday at the Haslington Market Tarmac.

The youthful Golden Grove outfit, who are the region’s Guinness ‘Greatest of the Streets’ Champion, has the weight of the entire zone on their shoulders, as they prepare to battle traditional giant Broad Street in the semi-final round.

Led by the talented Les Charles Critchlow, Uprising has shown no fear against their seasoned opponents, following impressive victories over Blazers of Beterverwagting [BV] and Plaisance in the elimination rounds…..

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