GFF President remains silent on suspension of executive member

President of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) Wayne Forde, is once again silent on the status of the ongoing investigation launched into the behaviour of suspended Executive Committee Member Keith O’Jeer.

The GFF Boss continues to remain silent on the subject despite promising to answer several pertinent issues, inclusive of the O’Jeer investigation, following email correspondence by this publication.

The questions poised, included, “What is the status of the Keith O’Jeer investigation? Has the investigation concluded and if so, what are the findings? If not, when will the investigation conclude?”

Forde, in his response, said, “Thank you for reaching out, I am on vacation presently but will take some-time to respond later today.” His reply was received on August 15th, two days after the email was sent and since then no response has been forthcoming. The former Fruta Conquerors President has also opted against naming the individuals who are overseeing the process due to possible legal implications. This information was supplied at an earlier media briefing.

O’Jeer, who also holds the portfolio of Berbice Football Association (GFA) President, was suspended by the federation for inappropriate conduct.

His suspension, following a meeting with the GFF Executive Committee, was revealed by Forde in an earlier interview with this publication. The suspension occurred during the month of April.

Although details surrounding what led to O’Jeer’s suspension have not been revealed by the federation to date, it was disclosed by sources that the incident in question was brought to light by a prominent member of the football fraternity.

O’Jeer is the second high ranking member of the GFF to be investigated for inappropriate behaviour. 

On February 2nd 2018, 17 male and female referees signed a three-page letter, calling for the removal of the Head of the GFF Referee Department, Stanley Lancaster, citing unprofessionalism and incompetence, amongst other issues.

Presently, a Commission of Inquiry is ongoing into the incident. It is expected to conclude during the second week of September, when the findings will be presented by the commission to the federation.

The all-female commission which is overseeing the investigation comprises Guyana Olympic Association Vice-President, Dr. Karen Pilgrim, Dr. Melissa Ifill of the University of Guyana, Karen Joseph, Human Resources Consultant, and Karen De Souza and Joy Nichola Marcus-Reid, of the Red Thread Organisation.

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