Dominoes competition on today at Turning Point

A specially arranged T20 dominoes competition is set to take place this afternoon at the Turning Point Snackette and Bar, Arapaima and Jackson Streets, Tucville, Georgetown.

According to Mark `Jumbie’ Wiltshire, Chief Organising Secretary of the Georgetown Dominoes Association, the tournament, which has an entrance fee of $10,000 has attractive prizes at stake.

The competition will be played over six rounds with the first player to reach four instead of six game winning the round.

Teams are requested to walk with a good pack of dominoes.

Among the teams expected to compete in today’s tournament are C7, Gold is Money, All Seasons, Mix Up, Spartans, Rage, Providence, Gangster, C6, Thunder, Phantom, R&R, Turning Point, Masters, Gold Star and Angels.

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