King makes good on prediction

—with second round stoppage of Richmond

Keithland King sporting cornrows, had the much bigger Richmond going all the way back, using his superior skill and motor fitness to land effectively and efficiently while evading his opponent’s punches. (Orlando Charles photo)

Barbados’s Keithland King’s pre-fight boast of a second round stoppage came to fruition on Saturday night on the main event of the ‘Young Guns-The Proving Ground’ card.

In front of a fair sized crowd at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall, King backed up his  prediction as his gassed opponent Derick Richmond was dispatched after just six minutes of action.

After a round of feeling each other out, the pace picked up significantly in the second as the orthodox counter puncher asserted himself, got his timing right and peppered Richmond with powerful jabs and right hands.

James Moore looks to land a punch which Romeo Norville tries to take evasive action

The consummate gamer, King treated Richmond to a minute of uninterrupted leather, almost flooring the out of shape ‘middleweight’ who showed up at the weigh in with 174 pounds. King who weighed in at a rippling 159 pounds, had promised he would punish Richmond for his indiscipline and taking him lightly. And that he did.

The Barbadian sporting cornrows, had the much bigger Richmond going all the way back, using his superior skill and motor fitness to land effectively and efficiently while evading his opponent’s punches.

Richmond had tried to employ holding and other survival tactics but the cerebral King was simply too smart to allow Richmond to smother him and used his quickness as a counter. After a grueling round of absorbing punishment from King who turned up the tempo along with Richmond’s gas tank running on empty, the Berbice native’s seconds opted to spare him further damage. They threw in the towel before the third round bell could sound.


Delon Charles vs Terrence Adams

Both youths from Albouystown had their moments in the competitive fight. In the end, however, Charles came out the victor of the four-round featherweight fight. The scorecards read 38-38-38-39 and 37-39.

Rewinna David vs Ansilla Norville

David scored a flash knockdown in the second with a crisp right hand to the chin and it was enough to give her the edge and ultimately the unanimous victory. At the end of the four-round catch weight contest, the judges awarded a 40-35, 40-37, 39-36 verdict.

Joel Williamson vs Anson Green

Despite being the debutant, Williamson looked the more polished and refined of the two. As Green looked to land one big home run punch, the 21 year-old Williamson piled up the points, landing his pesky lead right hand at a high connect rate with his powerful left in between. It was an easy unanimous decision win for Williamson who started his professional career on the right footing. Williamson is arguably the best young prospect in the 592. Scores read 37-39- 36-40, 36-40.

James Moore vs Romeo Norville

Hands down the most entertaining bout for the viewing audience. Filled with laughter

Referee, Ian Jardine raises the hand of the victor Keithland King following the fight after Derick Richmond’s corner had seen enough. (Orlando Charles photo)

and haymakers, the two cruiser weighs went toe to toe throwing and swinging much more than landing.

Eventually the swinging and missing and the occasional landed punch from Moore along with exhaustion took a toll on Norville. Moore eventually went on to win his second fight in as many outings via the TKO route after Norville’s corner threw in the towel at the end of round three.

Following the fight, Norville’s coach, James Walcott was steaming because of some unsportsmanlike behavior Moore exhibited. He challenged Moore to a fight on next month’s card and Moore accepted. The potential monthly event which is geared towards exhibiting young and upcoming talent was garnered sponsorship from Banks DIH Limited and Courts.

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