Sinclair gets the better of `Showstopper’ Petterson

Carlos Petterson recorded nine 250-pound Bag Throws over a 4ft high log, the most by any competitor on Sunday.

Julio ‘The Beast’ Sinclair defeated Carlos ‘The Showstopper’ Petterson on Sunday at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall to win the Guyana’s Strongest Man competition, becoming the first local to take home the prestigious title in the second staging of the event.

‘The Beast’ turned out to be mightier than ‘Showstopper’ during the competition which included sled pulling, sled pushing, a 536-pound Farmer’s Walk into a 250-pound Bag Throw over a 4ft high log and pulling a truck weighing north of 20,000 pounds for 60 feet.

During the course of the event which was held under floodlights in the parking lot of the venue, the two behemoths went back and forth swapping incredible feats of strength, and they were so equally strong that the deciding factor turned out to be how fast Sinclair (295 points) completed pulling MACORP’s 10,0000kg+ truck. 

During his attempt, Petterson (280 points) seemed stuck in neutral but eventually gained his footing to complete the task in 1m: 34s. When it was Sinclair’s turn, it seemed like the truck was rolling down a steep gradient as the 300 plus pound ‘Beast’ literally pulled away the truck behind him in 31 seconds. Meanwhile, O’Ryan Joseph (265 points) placed third in the event which attracted bodybuilder/model, Caerus Cipriani and Anis Ade-Thomas who also competed with the team that finished second in the CrossFit competition minutes earlier.

Sinclair who had a large entourage cheering him on the sidelines, now has a year’s worth of bragging rights and the title of ‘Guyana’s Strongest Man’.

Note: During last year’s inaugural staging, Suriname’s Donovan Dongo earned the winner’s spoils.

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