GFF launches investigation into abandoned Revival Cup fixture

Trevor Williams

The Guyana Football Federation [GFF] has officially launched an investigation in the abandoned Stag Beer Revival Cup fixture between Beacons and Black Pearl, which was aborted following a stabbing incident involving competing players.

“This is a regrettable incident which has resulted in a thorough investigation being activated following which the matter will be referred to the GFF’s Disciplinary Committee and necessary steps taken to avoid a recurrence,”  a release from the Guyana Football federation (GFF) stated.

It is the second investigation to be launched into the incident, after Chairman of the Georgetown Football Association [GFA]-Interim Management Committee [IMC] Trevor Williams, revealed that an inquiry will also be launched into the episode.

Williams during an invited comment said, “As it is right now, an investigation is ongoing. I was more or less briefed but an investigation is ongoing at the GFA. The IMC after the investigation will be putting out a statement on the incident.”

However, the GFF and Williams did not reveal a timeline for the conclusion of the investigation or the individual[s] that are supervising the respective inquiries.

The match which was held on October 14th at the Tucville Community Centre ground, was abruptly terminated in the 30th minute following a stabbing incident.

According to an eyewitness who spoke on the condition of anonymity, “The incident started from a tackle after which  a scuffle ensued by the two players. The referee gave both of them red cards. However, another Beacons player got involved in the incident, left the field and went for a knife. He came back on the field and was striking a Black Pearl player on the face with the weapon. Another individual intervened to take away the knife and a scuffle ensued and the Beacons player got stabbed in the process. He eventually left and went to the hospital by himself.

“There was no police on the ground at the time of the incident and when the police did arrive, which was close to an hour later, both of the teams had already left. The whole thing started in the first half of the game, probably about 15 minutes into the game,” the eyewitness said.

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