Beacon Café assists young footballer

Proprietor of Beacon Café Ramdeo Kumar (front row extreme left), Accounts Clerk of Beacon Café Ateeyyea Ali presents Jodel Fernandes with his new bicycle in the presence of Feaz Mustapha of Beacon Café (front row extreme right) and members of the Beacon Football Club

Sixteen-year-old Jodel Fernandes will now be able to go to school and train without worry after he was assisted with a bicycle from Carmichael Street base eatery, Beacon Café.

The presentation took place in a simple ceremony in front of the packed Café on Friday.

Fernandes, a midfielder from the Beacon Football Club, hails from Mabaruma, Region One.

He has excelled at academically and athletically which was some of the reasons for this timely assistance.

The young footballer attends St. Stanislaus College where he is currently pursuing the Advanced Level subjects after successfully writing 11 CXC subjects at Christ Church Secondary.

However, for the youngster it is extremely difficult for him to find transportation to and from school as well as practice.

Ateeyyea Ali of Beacon Café, explained that the company was happy to aid the development of a young talent and is confident that he will excel further.

Accounts Clerk of the sponsors, Feaz Mustapha said it was all part of the company’s motto to help support those in need and in keeping with their corporate responsibility while assuring more sponsorships in the future.

Fernandes said he is thankful for the bicycle, noting that it will definitely come in handy. He assured the sponsors that it will be well maintained and pledged to continue to be dedicated towards his books and sports.

The football club also received a quantity of balls from the food establishment and Coach Gordon Brathwaite expressed his gratitude to the company.

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