Imam Bacchus set for tour of Suriname

The Imam Bacchus Sports Club

Imam Bacchus Sports Club of Affiance, Essequibo Coast will tour neighboring Suriname to take on Amarshakti Sport Club of Paramaribo in a series of T/20 games starting November 1.

The team will be led by former national youth players Yougeshwar Lall and Latchman Rohit who will also spearhead the batting department with support from former national youth players Parmesh Parsotam and Nathan Persaud. With the absence of Wayne Osborne, Kulraj Persaud and Punraj Singh due to work commitments, the bowling department will rely on all-rounders Ganesh Mangal, Navendra Persaud, Rodwin Gordon and Parmeshwer Persaud as well as fast bowlers, Neiland Cadogan and Lallbachan Narine.


Yougeshwar Lall, Latchman Rohit, Parmesh Parsotam, Nathan Persaud, Parmeshwar Persaud, Ganesh, Mangal, Neiland Cadogan, Navendra Persaud, Mohendra Balbadar, Lallbachan Narine, Rodwin Gordon, Mohindar Persaud, Zaman Ally, Sam Bacchus (Manager), Boyzie Balbadar (Coach), and Tour Manager Rohan Budhram

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