GFA-IMC’s Lancaster resigns

Nolan Lancaster

Nolan Lancaster, a member of three-member  Interim Management Committee [IMC] which was installed to administer the affairs of the Georgetown Football Association [GFA], has resigned from his post.

This was revealed by source close to the GFA, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

According to the source, “[Nolan] Lancaster submitted his resignation during the second week of October. His resignation occurred due to his increased work commitments and the difference in views on how to administer football in the association. He submitted his resignation letter to the IMC and also to the Guyana Football Federation [GFF].”

Efforts to contact Lancaster for a comment proved futile. Similarly, an electronic mail [email] sent to GFF President Wayne Forde, went unanswered up to press time.

In the email, Forde was asked whether GFA-IMC member Nolan Lancaster had tendered his resignation.

He was also asked whether the GFF would replace  Lancaster and who are some of the individuals in contention.

Lancaster’s resignation will come as an embarrassing blow to the GFA and especially the GFF, as they attempt to regularize football in the often contentious region.

The Wayne Forde-led GFF, via a press release on June 30th, announced that it had dissolved the Executive Committee of the GFA, paving the way for the installation of an IMC.

The two other members installed were Chairman Trevor Williams and Major Shen Fung. The body, which has a six-month lifespan, commenced its official tenure on July 9th

According to the correspondence, “The Guyana Football Federation has taken the painfully imposed, but constitutionally obligatory, step of appointing an Interim Management Committee (IMC) to manage the affairs of the Georgetown Football Association effective June 29, 2018 until new elections are conducted in accordance with the Constitution of the GFA.”

The release added that the action of the GFF was necessary due to the association’s inability to “reconcile the many challenges it faced over the last 2 ½ years that witnessed the stultification in football programmes and initiatives.”

According to the document, the GFF has told the GFA of its decision to revoke their mandate, declaring “the appointment of the IMC has been taken in conformity with the guidelines and provisions of Article 2 Para. [d] & [e], Article 13. Para. [a], and Article 82 of the GFF Constitution, as well as Article 8 Para. 2 of the FIFA Statutes.”

According to the earlier release from the GFF, among the key responsibilities of the entity are, “[A]. Managing the daily operations of the GFA in accordance with the Constitution of the GFA. [B]. Organising the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the GFA and organising elections accordingly by December 31, 2018, in accordance with the Constitution of the GFA. [C]. Organising the competitions of the GFA. [D]. Establishing an office for the daily operations of the GFA. [E]. Preparing and submitting monthly reports to the Executive Committee of the GFF.”

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