St. Pius drubs St. Margaret’s 6-0

Smalta Girls Pee Wee Football

Scenes from the Smith Memorial and St. Pius clash in the Smalta Girls Pee Wee Football Championship at the Ministry of Education ground, Carifesta Avenue.

North Georgetown, St. Pius and West Ruimveldt secured contrasting wins, when the Smalta Girls Pee Wee Football Championship continued yesterday at the Ministry of Education ground, Carifesta Avenue.

North Georgetown dismantled Smith Memorial 2-0. Martha Charles bagged a double in the 22nd and 25th minute. They would also make light work of St. Margaret’s, winning by a 4-0 scoreline.

Charles tallied a hat-trick in the eighth, 10th and 15th minute, while Talia Tappin netted in the 12th minute. Similarly, St. Pius wrecked St. Margaret’s 6-0.

Action between St. Margaret’s [yellow] and North Georgetown at the Ministry of Education ground, in the Smalta Pee Wee Girls Football Championship.

Anthia Brathwaite bagged a double in the 10th and 13th minute, while Marissa Frank, Crystal Archer, Tiana Mendonca and Shelon John scored in the first, eighth, 28th and 30th minute each.

St. Pius would also make light work of Smith Memorial 2-0. Crystal Archer tallied a brace in the 14th and 37th minute.

Also, West Ruimveldt edged Tucville 1-0

through a Shelon David strike in the 20th

minute. In their second match, West Ruimveldt crushed FE Pollard 3-1.

Ashanna Rajkumar, Fiona France and Kenicia Persaud netted in the second, ninth and 21st minute each. For the loser, Akilah Samuels scored in the second minute.

Below is the list of complete results.

Complete Results



St. Stephen-1 vs South Ruimveldt-2

North Georgetown scorers: From left to right are Martha Charles and Talia Tappin


South Scorer

Fayon Harry-4th and 13th

St. Stephen Scorer

Sarah Williams-25th


Genesis Harmony vs Mae’s

Genesis won via walkover



St. Pius-6 vs St. Margaret’s-0

Anthia Brathwaite-10th and 13th

Marissa Frank-1st

Crystal Archer-8th

Tiana Mendonca-28th

Shelon John-30th



North Georgetown-2 vs Smith


Martha Charles-22nd and 25th


West Ruimveldt-1 vs Tucville-0

Shelon David-20th



Enterprise-2 vs FE Pollard-0

Denita Audain-14th

Alledia Williams-28th




Genesis-1 vs St. Stephen-0

Gasella Williams-13th



South Ruimveldt vs Mae’s

South won via walkover



North Georgetown-4 vs St. Margaret’s-0

Martha Charles-8th, 10th and 15th

Talia Tappin-12th



Smith Memorial-0 Vs St. Pius-2

Crystal Archer-14th and 37th



Enterprise-1 vs Tucville-0

Allegra Williams-24th



West Ruimveldt-3 vs FE Pollard-1

West Scorers

Ashanna Rajkumar-2nd

Fiona France-9th

Kenicia Persaud-21st

FE Scorer

Akilah Smauels-16th  

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