Artificial turf being laid at GFF training centre

Sections of the artificial turf being laid at the Guyana Football Federation [GFF] National Training Centre

The installation of the artificial turf at the Guyana Football Federation’s [GFF] National Training Centre at Providence, officially commenced on Friday.

According to a release from the GFF, the process which is expected to be completed by December 15th, is being conducted by local contractor Nabi Construction, under the supervision of international contractor and Dutch firm, Greenfield.

Upon the venue’s completion, it will be the nation’s first modern football facility and will be the focal point of local football activities at all levels.

It is also primed to play a leading role in elevating the standard of the local game, as well as encourage female participation. In addition, the facility will house headquarters of the federation, alongside dormitories, kitchen services, a gym and a pool.

Meanwhile, GFF President Wayne Forde said, “The weather has been good and work is progressing very well. The transfer of knowledge that is taking place during this phase of the project will be invaluable as we embark on the construction of similar fields in each of our nine … Regional Member Associations (RMAs), over the next three years.”

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