Germans Restaurant on board with Futsal Festival

GFF representative Lakeisha Pearson (centre), receiving the sponsor’s cheque from German Restaurant Proprietor Clinton Urling. Also in the photo is Kashif and Shanghai Co-Director Kashif Muhammad.

Germans Restaurant became the latest entity to throw its support behind the Kashif and Shanghai-co-ordinated ExxonMobil International Futsal Festival, donating a cheque for an undisclosed sum yesterday at the entity’s location.

 Clinton Urling, Proprietor of the establishment stated that his contribution aligns with his social responsibility, adding, “sports reaches a wide cross-section of youths and fans over all, and here at Germans, we use any opportunity we get.”

 According to Urling, one of the main reasons for his involvement in the event is due to the Kashif and Shanghai Organization’s participation, adding that he is envisioning a successful tournament which will continue in the following year.  

The event which is slated to run from December 27th-30th, will feature eight teams, three of which will come from Brazil, Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago. It will be contested in an initial group format.

A Sao Paulo Selection will represent Brazil, while Caledonia AIA and ZV All-Stars will play under the flag of Trinidad and Suriname respectively.

Guyana will be represented by a National Selection, while Linden, Georgetown, East Coast and West Demerara will field All-Star teams.

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