Marslowe elected president of Bartica Football Association

Newly elected BFA President Alden Marslowe [5th from left], posing with the other members of his Executive Committee, following the conclusion of the election.

Alden Marslowe has been elected the President of the Bartica Football Association [BFA], when the entity staged its electoral congress on Monday.

Marslowe ascended to the top post, after defeating the Michael DosSantos slate. The other members of his team are Elwes Jones [1st Vice-President], Kenneth Edwards [2nd Vice President], Carmel Williams [3rd Vice President, Arita Embleton [Secretary], Kwesi Jacobs [Treasurer], Michelle Jeffery [Assistant Secretary/Treasurer].

The Committee Members are Sherwin DaSilva, Curtis Joseph, Terrence Williams, Vince Hopkinson and Randy Adams…..

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