Top teams compete today in lucrative Thristy Fox dominoes competition

Mark `Jumbie’ Wiltshire

Dominoes players in Georgetown and further afield are set to converge today at Lot A and B Durban Street and Cemetery Road to compete for lucrative cash prizes in the Team Thristy Fox competition.

Boasting a cash prize of $150,000 for the final team left standing, the tournament is being organized by Mark `Jumbie’ Wiltshire Chief Organising Secretary of the Georgetown Dominoes Association and one of the country’s finest players.

Wiltshire told Stabroek Sports that play today will get underway at 2pm sharp and there will be zero tolerance for any type of shenanigan.

The second place prize is $80,000 while the team placing third will receive $50,000.

Entrance fee is $15,000.

Among the teams expected to compete are All Seasons, C7, C6, Gold Is Money, All Players, Phantom, Turning Point, Gangsta, Mix-up, Spartans, Providence, Thunder and rage.

Teams are requested to walk with a good pack of dominoes.

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