Trophy Stall on board with the UDFA

—donates first place trophy for GT Beer year-end tournament

Ramesh Sunich, proprietor of the Trophy Stall, presents the first place trophy to Terrence Mitchell, President of the Upper Demerara Football Association.

The Trophy Stall of Bourda Market has thrown its support behind the Upper Demerara Football Association (UDFA) GT Beer year-end football tournament which concludes Tuesday.

The sixth annual tournament commenced December 9 with matches at the Mackenzie Sports Club ground.

Some 10 teams are participating in the tournament which is down to the finals billed for Tuesday at the said venue

starting at 7. 30 pm.

Trophy Stall, through its proprietor, Ramesh Sunich has donated the first place trophy.

The third place play-off game which will be the supporting game of the evening will see Winners Connections against Botofago for $400,000.00 while the fourth place finisher will receive $200,000.

The most anticipated game of the evening, however, will see league champions Eagles FC facing the league’s runners up Net Rockers for the top prize of $1,200,000 while the losing finalists will receive $600,000.00.

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