“Re-Membering the Brink” – not just hot air

The Theatre Guild of Guyana recently returned to the stage with a production that was very special to the institution. “Re-Membering The Brink: Oil and A Whole Lotta Gas” was significant in a number of ways. Among other things, it afforded another interesting study into comedy theatre and the audience for comedy performance in Guyana.

Its performances opened on May 26, Guyana’s Independence Day, a convenient date considering themes and topics in the production and some of what seemed to be the aims and intentions of the show. It consciously celebrated the anniversary of independence with theatre. This deepened the tribute to the nation on its birthday with a theatre performance that reflected on the state of the nation at the present juncture in its development, focusing on the most immediate issue in the national economy – the discovery of oil. Very closely tied to this element of nationhood is the reflection that the production affords on elements of history: The Theatre Guild itself and of theatre in Guyana.

Celebrating independence in Guyana was significantly tied to the history of Guyanese theatre and the history of an institution that was foremost in the advancement of modern Guyanese drama. In addition, “Re-Membering The Brink: Oil and A Whole Lotta Gas” was comedy and specifically recalls a key factor in comic and satirical drama which had major developments at the Theatre Guild itself at the time of independence in 1966 and the years immediately after. There was also a quite interesting glimpse into the factor of the audience.  Then there was the factor of the interest and support of the private sector in the theatre. ….