‘Funtasia” successfully merged religious and secular Christmas traditions

Dancers on stage at a previous production (Stabroek News file photo)

The festival of Christmas is an extensive and complex one; the largest and most popular in the world. While it originated as a religious Christian festival, over the centuries it has become many other things, including a traditional, a popular and a commercial festival. It is extremely rich in traditions.

Last week, we surveyed some of those traditions that are theatrical, analysing a few close links between theatre and Christmas. As an opening to this subject, we referenced the stage production “Christmas Funtasia” performed by Guyana’s National Dance Company (NDC). This production showcases many of the Christmas traditions and also draws on traditions within theatre. We used that as an entrée into theatre and Christmas traditions last week.

Today we focus the Dance Company’s “Christmas Funtasia” 2018 itself and examine its dramatisation of Christmas traditions in a bit more detail…..

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