A young woman rides out with her three parrots

Approximately 56 miles from the capital city, the village of Experiment on the West Coast Berbice sits between Naarstigheid and Hope (Bath Settlement). Experiment is sometimes referred to as New Bath, since it came into existence just 23 years ago after the older nearby villages, Hope, Waterloo and Waterloo Jib, which are all referred to as Bath Settlement.

Experiment has some 300 residents and the village has all of the necessary amenities including a health centre. There are two churches, one on the western side of the village and another on the eastern side, which is a newer phase with houses just recently built. Although most of the residents are either Muslims or Hindus, the village has no mosque or temple. Many of them travel to nearby villages to attend their respective places of worship.

Sahodra Adams was born in Bath Settlement and moved to Experiment in 1997. She bought her plot of transported land for $70,000 total, after returning from Suriname where she had lived since 1980. Her children, who had been born in Suriname, stayed and attended school for nine years, then they all returned to Suriname. Adams only returned to Experiment four years ago…..