Two little boys having fun

Uniform is the name of a village situated at the far end of Leguan Island. While there are other villages beyond it, Uniform is the last that is inhabited by people. Though the village is relatively big, not many people live there; it has been adversely affected by migration.

Since the island does not have a regular bus service, many people use bicycles. In fact, bicycles and motorcycles have become the main mode of transportation, though some folks use taxis. Uniform is situated less than ten minutes from where the boat docks, but the cost to get there by taxi is $1,000 one way.

When the World Beyond Georgetown visited, there seemed no one around in the sleepy village. Two men at the entrance to the beach stopped on their bicycles, while their much older friend sat nearby in the shade of a cove of trees with a rifle in his hands. It seemed they had just stopped to catch their breaths because minutes later they were on their way again…..

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