One of the houses which was left open. Villagers said its owner would traverse the road everyday and return in the evenings

Dun Robin is a tiny village on the Corentyne highway. So small that it consists of approximately eight houses with about five families; it might just be the smallest village in the county of Berbice, or maybe in the entire country. However, residents believe that if it is populated the village has the potential to become a massive commercial hub for Region Six.

Residents explained that there are many vacant lots throughout the area, which belong to overseas-based Guyanese. “I think if people sell it out and give people, the village can become a big one,” one resident said.

The man, who was shy to give his name, said he believed that the village, because of its location, can play a major role in developing the region. “Look where we deh. If people open stores and restaurants them can do nuff business. People passing here to go New Amsterdam, Georgetown and even Rosignol and then people passing to go Rose Hall, Skeldon. This village can become big, but people who own them land na want sell it out,” he said…..

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