In the shade of a tree, two girls chat while one gets her hair plaited.

Among the hills on Wismar shore, Linden, lies the village of Victory Valley, home to a population of approximately 2,000 people. The village is certainly in a world of its own.

To find the village, one must go along Burnham Drive (the main road in Wismar) then take the access road marked Silver City, which runs through Silver City Village and leads into Victory Valley. There are no hire cars or buses on this route; residents use other means of transportation or walk.

Victory Valley, which was said to have existed since the 1950s, was first referred to as ‘Valley of Tears’ owing to the village being considered a swamp as it was surrounded by hills from where springs ran down into the village. Because of the water, the village was said to be always crying. Back then, the people living there were asked to move, because the area constantly eroded. Some of them did so, settling in Block Twenty Two, while several others fought to stay. Linden Forbes Burnham, who later became Prime Minister, represented those who chose to stay; he was a lawyer. He won them the right to stay in the village and they changed the name of the village to Victory Valley…..

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