Number One Village, Corentyne

Borlam turn, the area where many accidents occur

Number One also called Number One Road which is located on the Corentyne highway is situated just between Borlam and Courtland villages. With a population of just around 300 persons, the village has all of the basic amenities and is heavily adorned with fruit trees and flower plants.

Nicole Woolford told the World Beyond Georgetown, that the village consists primarily of farmers including those rearing cattle, farmers and sugar workers. She noted that most persons head to the village’s backlands where they farm and pointed out the dam near her home, which residents use to access the backlands.

According to Woolford, who lives closest to Borlam Turn, which is located just before Number One Road when heading from New Amsterdam, the turn is prone to accidents. The woman said she has resided in the village for over 40 years and has witnessed her fair share of  them. However, speeding around the turn, in her opinion, is one of the main factors which has led to most of the incidents…..

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