Benabs along the front part of the Mission

Capoey is an Amerindian settlement in the Pomeroon/Supenaam region named for the lake on which it sits. To get there, one must travel along the Essequibo Coast. Between Taymouth Manor and Affiance villages, a red rutted road leads from the public road and disappears between rice fields and jamoon trees. The sign at the head of this road reads Lake Capoey. 

Transportation along this road ranges between $1,000 and $2,000. The first stop, which was my destination, is at two wooden sheds that provide seating for passengers awaiting boats to take them across the lake to Capoey, the part of the village called ‘the Mission’. The cost of the trip across the lake to the Mission and back is $6,000. The second stop leads to the beach and the Capoey Lake Top. This scenic, black lake is one of three largest in Essequibo, the others are Mashabo and Mainstay.

Once on the boat, I could see two white dots in the distance and squinted at them assuming that was the village. I later learned that they were part of a settlement called Mary Point. However, the two families that live there are governed by the Capoey council. The ride to Capoey went a bit further as the village is situated on the other side obliquely opposite Mary Point.  ….

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