A vegetable and fruit stall in the village

Vauxhall is a tiny village in Canal Number One that is home to no more than 100 residents. The village is bordered by La Hueruese Adventure to the east, Beau Vosin to the west, Parfait Harmonie to the north and farmlands to the south for more than a mile. 

The day of my visit was overshadowed by rain; there was no escaping it since not a scrap of blue could be sighted in the sky. The few people who were out kept their eyes on the clouds and were hurrying to their destinations; not all of them made it.  

Loreen Singh had just moments before hung two bird cages belonging to her great-nephew near her bridge for the birds to get whatever sun there was, but was soon yelling for her niece to take them in.  

Born and raised in Vauxhall, she attended L’Adventure Nursery, but, according to her was never “a book head” and before long she had stopped attending school, staying home to do chores. She recalled that the speedboat was the main mode of transportation in Canal Number One and she would wait for one at the edge of the canal whenever she needed a lift. The boat would take her as far as the Bagotville junction, from where she would take a car to her destination.  ….

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