Support means a lot to sportsmen and women

President of the GCF James Bond (second from right ) with colleagues at the GCF dinner. From left are Irshad Mohammed, Errol Tiwari and Loris Nathoo 

Whether it is the sensational Olympic games or the lesser idolized chess Olympiad, the participants’ wish is to fully realize they have the undeniable support of an entire nation. When a nation is robustly behind its sportsmen and women, whether in chess or athletics, it makes the participants both acutely steely-nerved and wonderfully confident.

Some folks refer to such magnified support as the incalculable home advantage. You don’t have to play your particular sport at home to confirm a home advantage, but assuredly, playing at home helps. Simply said, we reside in the age of television and the internet. Therefore, in no small measure, sporting activities are brought to our living rooms and into our bedrooms…..

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