Chess Grandmaster Viktor Bologan from Moldova is flanked by President of the Guyana Chess Federation (GCF) James Bond on the right and Director of Sport Christopher Jones. At extreme right is Vice-President of the GCF Frankie Farley. Bologan paid a visit to Guyana last week following discussions with Bond in relation to the upliftment of chess in Guyana. 

Moldovan Chess Grandmaster Viktor Bologan paid a brief courtesy visit to Guyana last week to examine ways of enhancing the development of the game. Bologan is the author of some instructive chess books and has produced DVD’s also. He reached a peak Elo-rating of 2734 and is highest-rated grandmaster to visit this nation.

Whilst in Guyana, the grandmaster engaged a number of players in candid simultaneous exhibition games, including those who are proceeding to the Chess Olympiad this month.

During the Olympiad tournament, Guyana will cast its vote to elect a new president of the World Chess Federation (FIDE). Each country has a single vote. The position is an important one since FIDE has about 160-member countries. The previous president of FIDE Kirsan Ilyumzhinov of Russia has resigned, and England, Russia and Greece have identified contenders for the post. 

World champion Magnus Carlsen (left) vs Fabiano Caruana at the 2018 Sinquefield Cup in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA. The long-awaited clash between the two ended in a draw which analysts said was not to be. I replayed the game and felt Carlsen was winning. He possessed a passed luxurious h-pawn which appeared menacing. Carlsen and Caruana are playing for the world championship title in November.

The rigid Sinquefield Cup which featured world champion Magnus Carlsen and his challenger for the title Fabiano Caruana produced three winners with 5.5 points each: Carlsen, Caruana and Levon Aronian tied for first.

According to Chess Base, the rules stipulated a drawing of lots should be held to determine which two players would enter the playoff. Carlsen expressed disagreement with such a method and joint winners were declared.

The game between Carlsen and Caruana was the highlight of the tournament. The chess world was watching! Caruana played the Petroff Defence where centre pawns are exchanged early. Carlsen castled on the queenside and advanced his king pawns. He created a passed h-pawn and I felt he was winning. However, Caruana was able to secure the position and the game petered out into a draw. Chess players can replay the game which is contained in this week’s collection.    

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