Everyday habits that are sabotaging your weight-loss goals (Part 2)

In last week’s edition, I discussed four weight loss habits that could be sabotaging your weight loss goals. This week, I am continuing with four more, so before you give up completely on your weight loss goals, check to see if you’re guilty of any of the following habits that will sabotage any diet and exercise plan.

1)You underestimate the power of sleep

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition a good night’s rest helps you cut down on fats carbs and sugars. Lack of sleep, on the contrary, makes you eat way more than usual. It basically forces you to reach for food even if you’re full and that only increases your blood sugar and fat storage, so if you want to shed excess weight you need to take that eight-hour journey to dreamland each night. This type of sleep schedule is better not only for weight loss but for your wallet.

2) You eat too fast

Studies show that it takes our body 20 minutes to understand that we’re full, so if you eat faster than you should, you take in more calories than you need before you realize it’s time to stop. Eating too quickly also increases your risk of developing serious problems like acid reflux and type-2 diabetes. Experts recommend taking small bites, chewing your food thoroughly and practicing mindful eating. It means fully concentrating on your food savouring its smell, taste and even texture. Make time for all of your main meals, it’ll only play in your favour.

 3) You go shopping on an empty stomach

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to shop for food on an empty stomach. It leads to a completely logical outcome: you end up buying more high-calorie foods than low-calorie ones. This is especially true if you don’t have a shopping list, you see when you’re hungry your body needs energy, so your brain reaches for food rich in calories. You’re also more likely to buy snacks because you can eat a bag of chips right, away but you’d need time to cook a healthy chicken fillet. So just have a meal or a healthy snack before going to the grocery store and don’t forget your shopping list. Both your body and your wallet will thank you for it.

4) You give up desserts completely

Desserts won’t hurt your weight-loss plan at all, so anyone with a sweet tooth can now rejoice. Of course, moderation is key here, so keep in mind that you can allot only 20% of your daily calorie intake to satisfying your sweet tooth and still lose weight. If you do the complete opposite and stick to a nothing-allowed diet, you will actually be more prone to overeating. Don’t think of sweet stuff as something bad and forbidden, just don’t go too crazy with it either.




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