Your overall health follows cycles and you can take control of those cycles. Think about it for a minute. If something is making you unhappy, it can make you feel unwell. Many times, when you are happy you heal much faster. Depression can set in and cause physical disorders, so it is important to understand how to take advantage of the reverse. The nutrients from foods will not only boost your mood and promote your health, but help you lose weight as well.

Omega 3s

Omega 3s fatty acids can be a very powerful weapon to protect your overall health. They shield your body from free radical damage and enhance your immune system. Scientific studies have found that Omega 3s reduce depression in both children and adults diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

There are many tasty foods which contain high levels of Omega 3s, but salmon may be one of the best sources. It provides the good fats that your body requires, while offering a lean, mean protein source. It is simple to prepare, whether by grilling it outdoors or braising it in the oven. There are also Omega 3s supplements that can be consumed. I personally use fish oil as a dietary supplement.


A smoothie is a healthy and refreshing way to start the morning. Smoothies can be prepared with many health goals in mind. Blueberries provide antioxidants to protect the body and promote overall health. They have been crowned a super food due to their high level of vitamins. Blueberries were scientifically proven to reduce belly fat and triglycerides.


Spinach contains a lot of magnesium which has been proven as an effective treatment for depression. It has also been discovered to boost memory skills and learning. Spinach contains high levels of dietary fibre to help eliminate waste and tons of antioxidants to fight inflammation associated with obesity as well as boost your immune system. Freshly grilled salmon and spinach make a wonderful pairing.

Green tea

Green tea offers phenols which have been proven to improve cognitive function and reduce body fat. A study at the Health Care Food Research Laboratories in Japan showed that these phenols lessened obesity risks and another from Tokyo revealed that they diminish body fat. In addition to this, studies find that catechins lowered anxiety and depression incidence.


Peppers contain a wide range of vital nutrients and produce a thermogenic effect within your body. Just about all varieties offer a certain amount capsaicin which speeds the metabolism and incites fat oxidation. Generally, the spicier the pepper, the more it provides. Habaneros are probably one of the easiest to find and richest in capsaicin. But be careful, they are also among the spiciest of peppers available. Capsaicin is known to produce an analgesic effect within your body. It is often recommended for certain types of headaches and added to muscle rubs. It is believed that the burning sensation triggers the release of endorphins which brings about a sense somewhat like euphoria.  

Keep in mind that, as mentioned earlier, health is a cycle. Incorporating foods that assist in burning fat and boosting your mood into your diet addresses two aspects of health. The effects of following a diet rich in these nutrients will help you lose weight which will improve your moods. You will spiral upward to fitness success.

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