Effective ways to kick bad eating habits to the curb (Part 2)    

In the last week’s column, I wrote about some effective ways to kick bad eating habits to the curb while stating some strategies that can be utilized to help with changing habit. As promised, here are some more strategies that you can successfully employ to change your eating habits.  

Try using smaller plates

Using smaller plates is a great technique to trick your mind into thinking that you have that nice full plate to which you are accustomed. This is one way to win the battle psychologically.  

Only eat until you feel about 80% full 

You may have heard that it can take up to 20 minutes for your brain to register that you are satisfied. However, if you are still eating by that time more likely than not you would have overeaten. Therefore, if you stop when you are 80% full, by the time your brain registers that you are content, you will be satisfied and not have over consumed. ….

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