Using the same weights or machines all of the time can become monotonous. That’s why it’s beneficial to switch up your exercise regime and incorporate some body-weight exercises. Some of the benefits are:

Work efficiently 

There’s a reason that so much emphasis is placed on methods such as High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT); it works! In a fast-paced environment, efficiency is a key factor. Without equipment, body-weight exercises allow you to transition between exercises with less rest required. 

Tailor it to your needs 

Even for the most seasoned of trainers, body-weight exercises are fantastic if you’re looking to add variety to your workout. Increased reps or the inclusion of ballistic movement (such as a clap in a push-up) can all add value to your body-weight workout, while engaging more muscle groups. 

Solid core work 

This is particularly helpful to those reluctant to partake in lifting. Strengthening of your core is more than just gaining a six-pack. It also means greater balance, posture, as well as relieving lower back stress and enhancing your lifting form. It is such an important section of the body that it is very much worth your time training it. 

Everyday use 

Body-weight exercises assist more than just bodybuilders. These workouts can also be useful in the sporting arena. Plyometrics, for example, will greatly assist in sports that require explosive movement such as football, basketball or soccer.  

 Injury prevention 

The main goal of body-weight exercises is to strengthen many muscle groups at a time, but its potential goes much, much further. Body-weight exercises are an effective form of rehabilitation while you are recovering from tears or pulls and they have even been administered to hospital patients with significant muscular impairment.  

Effective fat burner 

As mentioned earlier, body-weight exercises, specifically incorporating HIIT, will allow you to capitalise on their power. Using these workouts can have a massive impact on your metabolic rate and will extend the fat burning process even after your workout has finished through excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC).  

Body coordination 

The major benefit of body-weight exercises is that they teach your body to work as one synergistic unit – everything works together to achieve the outcome (eg a push-up). This allows you to work your full body at the same time, decreasing the need for isolation exercises and improving coordination.  

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