The grit that makes the pearl

I am currently sorting old files and papers with a view to bringing some semblance of order into my chaotic personal archive and to preserve what may deserve preserving. It is an interesting exercise and I am discovering things I wrote long ago which I had forgotten.

I am reproducing here one such piece dated December 1988 which I consider provides a teachable moment for two reasons. First, it is a reminder of one of Guyana’s most talented and creative sons at a time when it seems so easy to forget those who have rendered great service in the past.

And, secondly, it may also be a reminder to those in authority in government – or indeed, in any organization – of the absolutely vital importance of not favouring inferior performance simply because it is subservient. Good and progressive administration depends on attracting the gifted and the creative even if not docile and always accommodating the party line.  Any administration infected by yes-men is a recipe for failure and mediocrity…..