Coconut-Cassava Rounds with Scrambled Eggs

Cassava-Coconut Bread with Scrambled Eggs Photo by Cynthia Nelson

Freshly made cassava bread, toasted with a daub of butter, melting, adds flavour to every bite. Now imagine that same cassava bread with coconut mixed in – delectable. The aroma from the coconut-cassava bread as it toasts is inviting and appetizing.

Once toasted, the cassava-coconut bread (I call these rounds, because that’s the shape) can be topped with many things to serve for breakfast, brunch, tea or appetizers. They work well with both savoury and sweet toppings. Over the holidays, I served these with some homemade pineapple and apple chutney topped with cheese. However, one of the simple things you can top these rounds with is scrambled eggs, they pair well.

Other suggested toppings:

Buljol (pickled salt fish)

Fried salt fish

Blue cheese and honey

Sautéed spinach/callaloo

Ackee and salt fish

Bunjal white belly shrimp

Avocado salad or guacamole

The quantity of ingredients will depend on the how many people you are catering for. Average 4 per person. For every 2 eggs, add 1 tablespoon evaporated milk.


Cassava rounds (get the ones with coconut if you can)

Melted butter salted or unsalted (optional)


Evaporated milk

Minced hot pepper to taste

Salt to taste


Vegetable oil


1.Toast the cassava rounds and lightly brush with melted butter, set aside on a rack to cool and crisp up.

2.Add eggs and milk to a bowl and whisk but do not beat until it becomes frothy, you want to break up the yolks and let them mix with the whites and milk.

3.Add pepper and salt taste and whisk lightly.

4.Scatter scallions into mixture.

5.Add oil to a cold frying pan and place over medium heat for 1 minute. Pour in eggs and as soon as the edges start to cook, reduce the heat to low and using a fork, mix the eggs to scramble them. You want the eggs to be cooked through and creamy (cook longer if you like your scrambled eggs cooked dry).

6.Top each round with eggs and serve immediately.


You can top the eggs with parmesan cheese just before serving.

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