The rampant loss of trees in the city continues.

This time it is upper Brickdam outside of the Ministry of Social Protection where the reserve has been converted  into a  concrete car park. Instead of making a box around the Crape Myrtle Tree growing there and saving it, concrete was poured around the tree trunk. The result is a dead tree, dried to the trunk which can topple at anytime.

Meanwhile, since the canal between Croal Street and South Road has been dredged most of the trees are now at the edge of the canal.  Many of these trees are leaning towards the canal and falling into it. Wake up people!  Can you live without trees in the city?

Those ornamental trees were planted for a purpose along our streets and avenues. We must practice what we preach as we promote a ‘Green Guyana’.

With the constant rainfall we are having please check your potted plants and make sure that your drainage holes are not clogged up and the excess water can run out easily.

Until next week, Happy Gardening.

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