The Shamrock (Oxalis regnellii) is called the Butterfly Plant in Guyana and the Caribbean. It originated in Ireland.

It is now grown all over the world from Asia, South Africa to North America, England and the Caribbean.

Shamrock is an outdoor plant and grows from tiny bulbs in rich soil and likes bright light.

Make sure you give them a good drink of water once per day and fertilize once every two weeks with Miracle Gro All Purpose Plant Food. There is a rest period when it goes dormant. There are two colours: the Green Leaf bears tiny white flowers and the Purple Leaf which bears tiny lilac flowers.

Shamrock has a rich history. It is linked to St Patrick’s Day, which is celebrated on (Saturday), March 17. When it appears with three leaves, in Irish tradition, it represents the Holy Trinity one leaf each for the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. When it is found with a fourth leaf, that represents God’s Grace and it is also said to be a good luck charm.

Until next week, Happy Gardening.

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