Time to give your plants and lawn a good drink of water

Coming out of the heavy rainfall (wet) season, nutrients would have leached out from your plants and soil. These nutrients would have to be replaced at least once per week.

You can use Miracle Gro All Purpose Plant Food for general green foliage plants or Miracle Gro Bloom Booster for all flowering plants.

Flower friends are asking how to keep their plants from drying out on a hot day when the sun is up in full glory. We are now in the dry season and your plants and lawn will need extra care; a good drink of water twice per day would help. Early in the mornings and in the afternoons would do nicely.

You would need a digger to turn up your soil and you can mould up with potting soil or good, rotten pen manure.

On a hot, sunny day you would also find your plants quailing – the leaves may turn yellow. This would tell you that your plants need help. Try keeping them moist with some extra watering.

Remember plants are living things.

Until next week, Happy Gardening.


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