During this week I met some folks interested in gardening, but they were confused as to what to plant. First they said they wanted vines, then trees and shrubs, as they thought they would all turn into trees. In the end they had to show me a photo of what they were looking for.

This is a brief description of a vine:

True vines are climbers that grow upright with support on just about anything.

Vines, whether invited or not, grow best on lattice sheets, chain link and picket fences. They spread out and readily grab onto the lattice sheets or fences and secure themselves by twining their leaves and stems.

Here are a few vines easy to grow:

1. Sweet Peas – this comes with blue or white


2. Black-eyed Susan – this has orange flowers,

3. Sweet Potato Vine – this has light pink and

    white flowers,

4. Passion Fruit – this has blue or white flowers,

5. Grape Vine – this has green, black or red grapes.

I hope you all have a better understanding now of what a vine is.

Until next week, Happy Gardening.

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