Trees can do so much to improve our lives and benefit our health. The United Kingdom, India, China  and Africa are on a massive tree-planting drive.  This article caught my attention and I thought that I should share it with you. 

“The United Kingdom is planting 3 million trees to fight climate change, pollution and poor health. It’s a local solution to a global problem.

Manchester is planting 1 new tree for each resident (i.e. man, woman and child) and is teaching people how to nurture them. 

“Trees absorb carbon dioxide which heats up our planet and they cut air pollution which kills 7 million people globally every year.  For every £1 spent on trees the UK saves £7 in health care, energy and environmental cost. 

“The planet is losing 10 billion trees every year to deforestation. To counter this, the Trillion Tree Movement wants to plant that number by 2050. By then 7 in 10 of us will live in cities. “How would your country plant more trees?” 

We as a nation are so laid back when it comes to planting and protecting our trees. It is time to wake up and start planting trees to protect our health and environment.  Generations to come will thank you. 

Until next week, Happy Gardening. 

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