Two of the most common species of Bou-gainvillea are Bougain-villea glabra and Bougainvillea specta-bilis, which was cross-bred and hybridised giving rise to numerous varieties in the most amazing colours.

In the mid 90s a new dwarf variety of Bougainvillea was develop in Singapore. It comes only in four colours: Singapore White, Singapore Pink, Singapore Fuschia and Singapore Purple. These Singapore variety are shorter plants with bigger leaves and larger flowers or bracts than the normal bougainvilleas. The thorns are shorter and not prominent. They are very popular and make excellent potted plants.

In Singapore, the dwarf variety is used in landscaping and planted alongside the highways as a Shrub with the trees and palm plants. As you drive along there are miles and miles of it to admire. The sight leaves a lasting impression…..

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