Only outcomes that improve lives will demonstrate that CSME matters

President David Granger (standing) chats with CARICOM Secretary General Irwin LaRocque (seated second from right) and Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness (seated at right) during the Ninth Prime Ministerial Sub-Committee Meeting of the Single Market and Economy. (DPI photo)

Most in the political class say that what drives them to seek high office is a desire for change in ways that will improve lives. However, in power too many become remote, caught in the web woven by bureaucrats, foreign powers or their colleagues, allow themselves to be corrupted, fail to deliver, and resort to empty rhetoric.

Having worked with multiple politicians in the Caribbean and Europe over more than four decades it has always seemed to me those most likely to succeed were the women and men able to mix intellectual agility, a sense of what touches the lives of others, an ability to speak well from the heart, a genuine social commitment, and the recognition that they were there for their citizens.

Above all the best politicians (and by extension their officials) recognise that the true measure of success – beyond the obvious requirements of guaranteeing security, ensuring public health, and providing good governance and economic management – is being able to make a positive difference to ordinary lives…..

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